(TL.DR we piss in the clownbox)

The Clownbox® is a cult for clowns, by clowns! We can trace the clownbox's existence back to 42069 BC, although its online appearance only began in April of 2019. The clownbox renaissance began after some clowns gathered to piss at the clownbox® and found out that by crossing the streams of urine they could make a bigger impact. Thus, the clown revolution began. Laws were passed, patents certified, and the clown empire rose! Unfortunately the clown struggle never stops and we gotta grind everyday to survive.

Clowns are an ethnic minority and we are disappearing. Although we put lots of effort into sheltering clowns we keep being targeted. That's where the Clownbox® comes in. We are here to rebel and to make fun of you!

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email us at wearetheclownbox@gmail.com

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